Black Powder Tavern

Raising Spirits Since 1746

Named in honor of the fighting spirit that forged our great nation, Black Powder Tavern offers craft American fare rich with comfort that satisfies and inspires a desire to share.
Since 1746, the building that houses this tavern has played a part in the establishment of our nation, first as a respite for stagecoach travelers expanding westward and later as a covert rendezvous point for George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, and other leaders of the American Revolution.

It is believed that during the infamous winter of 1777–1778 at Valley Forge, a major figure in the Continental Army, master military mind Friedrich Von Steuben, designated the tavern as a secret black powder munitions stash for continental army couriers. All the while, the tavern continued to provide food, shelter and cheer to the hungry, weary soldiers fighting for their independence.

Today, we honor our historic tavern’s tradition with a mission to raise the spirits of our guests. We invite you to experience the small and large plates, craft beers and revolutionary hospitality that is Black Powder Tavern.

1164 VALLEY FORGE RD., WAYNE, PA 19087 | T 610.293.9333

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